The safety rules when cooking

When the housewives do not comprehend or make mistake in the cooking process, the result will become unsafe food hygiene, health affects for the whole family, even you own modern cooking utensils such asbest pressure cooker.

Barbecue: hot does not mean safe

If there is a garden in house, sometimes homeowners will invite friends to organize a barbecue dinner, mainly grilled dishes. Few people put food safety issues in these favorite items, but in fact, it is necessary to prevent those problems when processing them. Beef, pork, chicken, sausages and so on are able to eat with grilled meats. Many people often think: “There is a fire, bacteria still survive.” Whether we often focus on the meat surface but when meeting the fire it contain very fast surface inside. Thus, if you want to make food temperature you should know where bacterial locate at the shrink that wiped out. You should note the following 3 kinds of meat:

– Roast beef, whether inside is pink or blood, food remains safe.

– Sausages, the meat have been processed, if they still are soft and pink inside, you have to definitively bake carefully.

– Baked chicken in time of 20 minutes long for 500gr.


Do not abuse the refrigerator

Refrigerators are used to storage food. Rules about this are highlighted as follows: for food that are keep in refrigerate from 2 to 4 hours’, if you want to eat, you have to reheat them. If the foods are in it more than 4 hours, you should throw them away and should not freeze anymore.


Picking dropped food up

Some of us have habit that when foods accidentally are dropped on the floor and you pick up to eat. If everyone feel shy to pick it up in store, but at home some freely pick up frequencies and put them in the mouth. After the experiment, the nutrition experts conclude: “The food is on the floor for more than 5 seconds is unsafe because bacteria could penetrate”, even in the case the floor is clean, it is sure that time of contamination will be shorter.

Soak and wash vegetables too long

You should not put fruit vegetables in soaked in long time as toxic substances such as pesticides will decompose. It is even more dangerous because the long vegetables soaking easy bruise facilitate leach chemicals into reverse. You just rinse thoroughly under running water and just put a little salt into water.

Other tips to have safe food for the health

  1. Choose a safe food, fresh foods. If vegetables, fruits are eaten raw, they must be soaked and washed thoroughly with clean water. The fruit should be peeled before eating. Frozen food should be processed immediately after thawing because if thawing is complete then freeze again, it just makes food nutrients lost.
  2. Eat right after cooking: Eat soon after cooking because the foods are cooked so long as the more volatile substances, nutrient loss and bacteria in the environment from entering.
  3. Preservation carefully cooked food: if you want to keep food more than 5 hours continuously, you need to keep warm in cold below 60 ° C or 10 ° C. Children’s food should not be used again.
  4. Do not mix cooked foods with raw foods: to avoid cross contamination between cooked and raw foods. Cooked food may be contaminated by direct contact with raw or indirect food with dirty surfaces (such as sharing knives for food processing raw and cooked).
  5. Wash your hands before preparing food: If you become infected in hand, let the tape carefully and tightly wound infection before preparing food.
  6. Keep all food preparation on surfaces: Do food susceptible to infections, any surface is used for food preparation must be kept clean. Dishtowels boiling water should be boiled and changed regularly before reusing.
  7. Cover foods to avoid insects and other animals: Cloaking keep food in sealed containers, cupboard, glass cabinets, cage table … That is the best protection. Towels are used cloaking cooked food must be washed before using.
  8. Use safe clean water for washing and cooking food: Clean water is colorless, taste and does not contain pathogens.