Instructions On How To Choose Good Diapers For Babies

Diapers are an item that is indispensable for children. But how to choose diaper? In this article, we hope you to have some information when choosing diaper for children.

Just by Baby cloth diaper reviews, you will know how to choose good diaper for your children. You have to read carefully and then buy the suitable one to use for your children.

There are two types of day and night (super absorbent) selected baby. It has pleasant fragrance. In particular, very popular diapers. Almost every store and her mother also bought her easily find enough kind enough size. Where selling prices are not much different.

The tape noise should change diapers keep your baby sleep easily awakened. Just open the tape 1-2 times, almost no viscosity.

Reviews mother: “Bobby new ultrathin pleasant fragrance. Absorbent, dry, not too lumpy. Prices are extremely reasonable and affordable. ”

Note when she chose diapers for baby. So baby use diapers during the day. About 2 -3 hours instead diaper once.


Instructions on how to choose good diapers for babies to mothers. It is soft and absorbent is also quite good. But the bottom diapers made of nylon so secret.

Vote so that quality: 3/5

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Diaper

Reviews mother: “If you consider the absorbency criteria, I see Pamper diapers used to be there. Since it is quite thick, contains a lot of water. There are, diapers and know this is a bit hard, if they bear it no problem. ”

Note when Pamper mom buys diapers for your baby: Pamper blue packaging goods. Pamper diapers purple packaging is imported. Pamper diapers imported but prefer to use a little bit high price.


Instructions on how to choose good diapers for babies to mothers. You can consider and then choosing one that is convenient to use.

Pros: There deodorizing material, cotton combined with tiny beads waterproof repellent reverse. Cotton ultra-thin leather provides the necessary moisture.

Disadvantages: slightly narrower width diapers so the baby’s pee or seepage water out. Part of the abdominal stretch stiff and thick Huggies diapers, or brush your baby’s stomach. “Scrutiny” carefully, diapers can still be lumps.

Opinion of the mother, “Huggies diapers at least part adhesive tape points to close on either side, opened comfortable, not afraid to stick out and viciously feet. As for other items: thickness, permeability good, not spill … are satisfied “.

Note when choosing diapers Huggies baby mother: Huggies green packaging goods. Huggies diapers packaging purple is kind of import, use very fine but slightly higher price. Bim has a good hug, anti-overflow.

The Nannys

Instructions on how to choose good diapers for babies to mothers.

Pros: good membrane compartment so despite little movement in any position, diapers also “prevent” the status of “drainage”. Provide products for babies from birth to 25kg heavy time.

Cons:  It is slightly thicker. Part glued outside it is paper, sticky spines, slightly hard.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Diaper

Reviews mother: ”  Nannys used, airy, good absorbent, dry surfaces. If not enough money to use the different types of diapers, use more advanced Nannys is absolutely right. ”

Note to mothers when choosing diapers for your baby Nannys: Bim thick, baby wearing or discomfort, so diapers more appropriate use in the winter.

The Goon Baby

Instructions on how to choose good diapers for babies to mothers.

Pros: Touching hands to see smooth as silk diapers, thin, compact, absorbent well and help her through the night completely rash.

Cons: Always motherhood was “meningitis bag”.

Vote so that quality: 5/5

Reviews mother: “When used diapers Goon, I do not see anything about the quality disadvantages, but the price is a bit high. If the criteria of “good”, I vote for Goon. If according to the “cheap”, I would never vote for Goon. If based on the quality, the price that is reasonable. ”

Note When Choosing Diaper For Your Children

You can visit website to find good diaper for your children. When mothers choose baby diapers. There are many types of export (less pieces and have English on the packaging) and 1 type of domestic (pieces and whole Japanese language on the packaging). The quality of diapers for this type the same, but obviously the kind of local mom buy the “economy” than many.