How to choose right toys for your children

Some parents buy him lots of toys as gifts at important occasions such as birthday, New Year and so on. You always wonder how to buy the best toys (pack and play reviews) for the baby, but there are not people know which the right toys should be selected with their developmental stage, as well as can make little excitement.

Some experts have offered some useful tips for choosing toys that can stimulate the development of infant’s brain:


Basic rules

For children at the kindergarten age, you should choose normal toys which are not too expensive such as crayons, blocks. They should both stimulate creativity, and help develop necessary skills for the children. You need to consider the pull – push toys for baby from 1 to 2 years old. This stage should be developed social skills and emotions. Stuffed animals are also effective learning tools because they help support feelings for children. Video, the electronic games can have negative affect on children’s behavior, as well as the dynamics of the child. Thus, they is not recommended.

Book is perfect choice for the baby of all ages. Initially, parents only choose picture books or papers that are full of images and storytelling for children. After that, they can automatically turn the pages and tell stories for parents.



You should avoid complicated textures toys for baby at early age because in that period, she/he should learn the basic things. For the children from 6 to 12 months, this is the time when babies are skilled with grabbing, holding thing, but mostly they are not used to drop-skills which is used as drop capabilities.

Crayons or some toys like that for infants should be encouraged because they will find easily to hold them. If the baby seems to find difficulty to control them, then parents need to guide the baby how to use right.


Choosing toys that suit for each stage of development

For newborn Baby: Toys that support to develop the senses are very suitable for the baby. For example, a crib hanging toys is good for improving their vision; toys with many material for baby to easily hold on; carpets, toys tent offers various activities (children are more prone); shaking toy is useful for hearing.

The children from 3 to 6 months: At this stage, she/he is increasingly active. Appropriate toys for infant to suck will help stimulate teething, for example a soft book will help your children explore everything with hands and mouth.

The children from 6 to 9 months: As your baby starts to sit, you should consider toys help children develop this skill such as crawling and go.

Toddler stage: Toys to support to climb, push, pull, ride in order to promote acting skills. Slim and balls will help baby learn how to hold, huge; baby can learn how to crawl through the tunnel that are the interesting suggestions.

These types of toys are used for “first grown up” stage and prepare for baby at kindergarten age. For children at preschool, toys that combine using hand and eye is the perfect choice, for example crossword, soft blocks, construction toys, assembly toys … are right choices.


‘Research’ before buying

If you are unsure about the types of toys should be prepared for the children, you can share with other mothers who have children of the same age to get more experience.

Before shopping, you should take the time to do research to choose the reliable manufacturer and type of toys they put on the market. You also refer to the manufacturer’s website to see new products and if necessary you can call for asking some information.

Suggested toys for children

Toys for movements

In the period, because baby starts learning to walk, many babies love to run, move and use the toy to ride. Appropriate toys help kids complete such skills like balance, combination-the things can make children have good mood. Strollers, self-driving cars, self-driving tricycles and so on are really suit for her/him.

Multicolored puzzle toys also help children develop the senses. The shapes, the pieces of plastic toys or wooden always make little excited.

Toy for cuddle

Dolls or stuffed animals are brought as fun items for babies of 1 year old. Since most babies at this stage like to gnaw toys, parents need to prevent the risk of choking for children.

Toys for emotional development

Most babies of 1 year old like music and excited noise as well as move follow in the music. Parents can buy the DVD (CD) with child songs, the music or the hilarious animations, it can depend on the age of your child. The DVD with educational skills should be combined to teach them about mathematics, for example. The children are delighted with toys emit sounds fun.