Highlight The Most Best Selling Non-Stick Pan In 2016

An egg pan is considered as the dispensable cooking accessories in each family now. Although this device is extremely popular on the market, how to choose the state of te art product seems to be the most concerned problem of many chef now. This section today will cover the most typical list of Best Egg Pan for cook to review. These types of non-stick egg pans can make your cooking easier and more money as well as power savings, so please refer to the following notes.

The Three Bottom 26 Cm CKD26-3DI Egg Pan

Five star 26cm CKD26-3DI egg pan has a simple design. However, according to the professional buyers, it is extremely modern and luxurious with the large diameter in the range of 26 cm which contribute to help you easily and conveniently during the process of cooking, especially frying the egg.  The bottom of the egg pan is covered with the non- sticking layer as well as the anti-overheating safety. In addition, the suitable design of the pan bottom greatly assist for the cook to do the sautéed, and  fried dishes without oil dishes such as delicious grilled dishes, ensuring health, saving oil.

The pan is designed with the 0.5 mm thickness, which is super compact and convenient to use for any types of stoves. Pan handle is structured with the medium length, soft curvature. In addition, it is wrapped with the insulated plastic with the aim of holding your hand steadily.

Happy Cook CFP-24 Non- Stick Egg Pan

It is thought that the Happy cook CFP-24 non-stick egg pan is beautifully designed, based on the luxurious version. With a diameter of 24 cm, this pan line fried can help you fry a sufficient amount of food for families with 3 or 4 people. Pan is structured with the relative thickness which is estimated about 1.7 mm in order to help the process of cooking  food fast, evenly, but still retain heat for food.

The surface of the pan is stick with the super durable marble which enables to anti bacteria, easy to clean for ensuring safety for the user. Pans can only be used for gas cookers and stoves infrared, and it cannot be used for induction cooker.

Deep Nonstick Happy Cook NWF26 Egg Pan

Deep nonstick Happy cook NWF26 egg pan owns the simple design, handy with a diameter of 26 cm and depth 8.5 cm, which is really suitable for many different dishes: stir-fried vegetables in large quantities for large families (5-6 people), fried food and oil flooded. This device is designed with 1.8 mm in thickness, thermal storage for food. Pans can be used for infrared gas stove and kitchen.

Elmich Smart Cook S-40 026 Non-Stick Egg Pan

Smart cook Elmich brand is designed to be simple with the fashionable colors, along with the luxurious version. Diameter of this pan is estimated to be 26 cm, which is really suitable in order to fry the 3-4 chicken thighs, 3-4 fried egg but still ensure to save time cooking. 2.5 mm thickness helps pans retain the food’s hot, keep full flavor to the dish.

The surface of the pan is coated with two of German Greblon nonstick layers that is really safe, as well as non-toxic. Pan handle is relatively long. It is wrapped with the heat-resistant plastic, which is capable of allowing your operation easily and flexibly. The downside is unusable for induction cooker.

Happy Cook Grand GFP-26IH Non-Stick Egg Pan

The Happy cook Grand GFP-26IH is designed with 26 cm in diameter, which is relatively large, and it is capable of giving you delicious food processing quickly and conveniently. Pan owns the simple design, elegance, flat basin, which is suitable for fried rice. In addition, the device is covered with 2 coated hollow stick coating one names Whitford from US, and the other is durable granite top which has antibacterial ability for saving cooking oil when frying. Bottom of the pan is structured with magnetic layers of stainless steel, which has helped to stand on kitchen pans, as well as for induction cooker

Top 5 non-stick pan on this is well worth buying products N. With good design, good quality, affordable prices, certainly the non-stick pan will make you happy, as well as bring you the maximum support in the cooking, housework.