Air fryer for your kitchen

Nowadays, to many people, the food safety is considered as one of the most vital problems. The cooking is not simple as ensuring a good meal for the family but guarantee the healthy dishes for all the members. Eating too much fat is not good for the body. That’s why the using of oil less fryer is more and more popular. This paper below will share you about the ways to use this useful supporter for your kitchen.

When using these types of foods which are fried with a lot of oil, which can increase high blood fat and extremely negatively affect your cardiovascular system. And now all the worries will be dispelled because the air fryer Katomo- smart kitchen appliances will help you to fry foods without having to use oil which retains the delicious flavor.

It is very safe for health with the technology used fryer atmosphere cooked food easily without any drops of any vegetable oil. Food after nine fat will decrease 80%.

Let’s protect the health of the family and become one of professional chefs with air fryer Katomo.

Katomo air fryer is probably an advanced invention which makes cooking at home easy to ensure the health, fried foods without the use of oil. It allows you to fry different types of food with one simple extraction operation easily.

The trick is the use of pot technology combination of hot air recirculation and elements inside the pot roast cooked food easily, quickly fried. It uses only hot air to the food from inside to outside so it would generate fewer odors than a conventional fried.

Katomo air with is completely adjustable, preset cooking temperature that is preferable for food. Temperature preset up to 200 degrees and always steady to ensure that food is not nice. The maximum time to 30 minutes, it is convenient to do other work in the family. Automatic disconnect function includes the audio signal to the user.

Integrated air filter will combine diffuse to make your beloved kitchen fresh  and clean. Air fryer is ompact, removable, easy to clean.

Katomo pot roast with the family atmosphere you can together enjoy delicious dishes easily but retains the inherent flavor. Rapid air technology for very perfect result. When frying in the usual way you often notice the smell of fried fish, fried meat, … which will remain on clothing or other objects though with this device this trouble will be solved.

Machine is easy to use, simply by using a compact controls and suitable for all living spaces. Food frying pot will be well cooked from the inside out, the piece of food will not stick together delicious colors retain crown

You can temporarily interrupt the cooking process to check internal food whenever you want to ensure the results are as you desire.

Suggest some dishes you can process the air fryer: fries (which can cut potatoes fried in a variety of sizes are), ran peanuts, fried tofu, fried chicken, steak , baked pork ribs, fried shrimp, pork roast, toast, fried fish ball, …

  • Basic Manual vacuum fryer (fryer without oil):

– Plug the device into a power source and socket compatibility

– Carefully pull the sheep out of the machine compartment

– Place the food, the ingredients in the basket of fried (not exceeding lines max)

– Turn the temperature controller, installation frying time

– When the alarm time is up, the cooking process is completed, pull out on fried compartment insulation and seals for food on the plate

  • Safety Manual air fryer

– Be sure to read the directions carefully before using the product

– Use wires, electric sockets have good and safe to use pot

– Products containing electrical equipment and heating equipment, non-domestic oven set, this will damage the oven

– Do not cover inlet and exhaust, do not touch the inside of the broken room

– When both frying and taking out the food basket , you should not directly touch on the basketball avoid burns.

– Do not store combustible materials on baskets or pulling baskets out during cooking at high temperature. Hot air will escape from the outlet during frying, note keeping a safe distance, not to arm or near the outlet side, be careful with hot air if the power cord is broken, and then must call the carrier, service agency or who have alternative qualifications to avoid the incident.

  • Storing, preserving, cleaning vacuum fryer:

– To avoid bumps when cleaning the product and shipping.

– Use dry cloth to clean

– Never use harsh chemicals to clean the product

– Use the product in good operating condition

– Put the product in a dry place when using

– Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight, do not let the temperature is too hot.