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Cleaning and tidying up the kitchen is always an issue that draws so much attention of almost all housewives in the world that they often get angry with it. A lot of housewives feel bored with cleaning the kitchen every day because after they cook, there will be some messes then they clean them. After that, they cook and there will be messes…. The circle seems never come to an end, which cause strains and stresses. However, this article will help you eradicate such worry will just some small tips as follows.

  1. Catch the whole problem

First of all, any housewife should find out and understand the core problem in the kitchen. As usual, they see the mess in their kitchens and get tired on the grounds that the mess is so terrible. Thus, the very first thing to do is figure out the main reason that leads to the mess. You should answer it yourselves because you use the kitchenware daily. The main reasons can one of the followings:

  • After cooking, dishes, bowls, chopsticks, spoons and types of pots remain dirty with much of oil and food like meat, vegetable or soup, which smell terrible. You just look at them and you become angry and no longer want to clean them anymore.
  • You let the food after eating on dishes or in bowls and you do not have them covered so there are flies or insects crawling on the food that look qualm.
  • Your little children play with the kitchenware and put them anywhere in the kitchen and you have to tidy up every day in spite of the fact that you arrange everything in right places. This sometimes makes you angrier than the mess caused by you.

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Among all the rooms in the house, the living room seems to be of the most importance and it is usually decorated most attractively. Almost all families spend much time on decorating this room because they want to show how they are to their guests. This article will mention some decorations for the living room that any type of design in this room is suitable.

  1. Plants

Plants are one of the most popular decorations in the living room because they create a lively atmosphere and they make the air fresh. Some rooms are suited to large trees like bonsai trees and they are often placed in the corners near the table or next to the main door. Those trees will make your rooms more artistic as they are aesthetic and attractive themselves. However, some families prefer small trees to large ones. They put vases of flowers on the table, on the shelves or sometimes they hang vases on the walls. Those small plants will make the living rooms more beautiful and sweeter. The flowers also generate scent spreading throughout the rooms. All your guests will be much interested in enjoying the beauty and the scent of them and your living room will always draw other people’s attention.

  1. Picture frames

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If you are housewives and if you often have to do the tidying then this article will be very useful for you because we will provide a detailed plan for you about what to clean and what to decorate in the living room. There is a list of housework that you will have to do in each day in a week as follows.

  1. Day 1: clean all the papers on the table

Untidy workplace can make you demoralized and you cannot work effectively as usual. Thus, you need to change the workspace so that everything becomes neat, tidy first. Begin by cleaning clutter of papers on the desk. You can classify the books and papers over time, by category or up to their importance. The draft paper or paper that is not used should be trashed to make more blank space on the table.

For the other papers, you can label them by color and write descriptions for easy searching documentation when needed.

After cleaning up all papers on the table, do not forget to clean the desk and “handle” the trash always if they are full.

  1. Day 2: Create more space

Instead of placing papers and documents on the table, you can make shelves for them and other office groceries. This will help you to have more space to place other larger items such as vases, coffee mugs, laptop, paper size drawing, which is extremely comfortable. Continue reading


After a long time using the kitchen, we will find it almost messy and obsolete. There will be likelihood that we have to deal with a number of problems like not enough brightness, the smell of food remaining and the painting color fading. However, we cannot chop the kitchen down for constructing a new one. Sometimes, we just need to change a little bit to make our kitchens newer and almost all the problems will not exist. This article will give you some suggestions about renewing the kitchen. There are five problems and five solutions to be equivalent.

  1. Not enough space

If there is not enough space, the mini kitchen is suitable. This small kitchen will give you larger surface to utilize as a place to display food. Apart from this, you also have more storage space below the kitchen so you can store much more kitchen utensils than display them everywhere in the kitchen.

  1. Messy

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A living room is considered to be the most important room in a house on the grounds that it shows others about your family such as the way your family lives, how thorough and tidy you are or so on. Therefore, the living room should be always clean and tidy. However, one common problem of almost all the housewives is that they often deal with messes in the living rooms, which makes them bored. But you do not have to worry. This article will give you tips how to make the mess disappear.

  1. Get an overview

It is very easy for you to look at the whole of the living room to know what you will have to do, where to clean and how all the things will be arranged. You should imagine and determine the way you follow. It will help you save much time rather than you clean the room without having a brief view of it. After that, you will clean the large things in the room first such as tables, sofas, bookshelves or walls. Continue reading