5 Easy Tips To Improve Sound Quality In Your Car

 As a music lover, you wish to be able to enjoy music on your way of driving to work. However, you have to put up with worse sound quality than you imagine even though you have spent a lot of time and money on getting the best double din head unit (for a list of best head unit product, you can visit Mr Vehicle Blog). Well, the problem of bad sound can be improved with some simple tips.

Before going into details of tips, let’s take a look at your head unit, the most important component of the car stereo you have. Do you have good quality equipment or they are sub-par? It is easier to make adjustment from a good starting point than to make amends with a bad start. In terms of the head unit, the doubt din head unit guarantees better sound quality than the single din head unit; in addition, it offers various options for the stereo, even being just music. If you are not sure if you have a single or double unit, measure the front: size 180 x 50mm is for the single unit and size 180 x 100 mm is for the double unit. But if you still suffer from bad sound even though you have the better head unit option, do the followings:

Ditch The Current Speakers In Your Car

Don’t expect the factory speaker system already available in your car to produce top-notch sound! With your own aftermarket speakers, you can experience sound of better clarity than ever. This is the very first step you should do before you pour money for other improvements.

Choose A Suitable Sound Deadening Material

You know how people use these materials in the studio to make sure there is no vibration and the sound will not leak out. The road noise from the outside and vibration from car components can easily affect the sound quality; therefore you can apply the same idea here: just attach a sound deadening to the door panel (Dynamat is recommended) and you will have a much better sound environment.

Install A Separate Amplifier

Sure, you have existing amplifier but are you sure they do their job well? With a separate amplifier, you will immediately feel the difference.

Talking about amplifiers, it is worth mentioning that you should use high-quality cables because they affect the power to the amplifiers, signal flow and eventually the sound quality.

Add A Quality Subwoofer

There are people who never hear a sub in their car before; for sure they are not true audiophiles.  This problem can easily be addressed by adding a good subwoofer: People who love audiophile music seriously understand the importance of a subwoofer in the audio. This device lets us enjoy the deep, rich bass sound and take your music experience to a new level.

Take note that the device consumes lots of power and the current electrical system in your car is probably not designed to handle it well. In that case, you can use a capacitor, which ensures more consistent supply of power for your amp.

Opt For Lower Compression Setting Of Music Files

For the same song, an audiophile music file of 2-4 minutes in duration can be 20-50 MB while a normal MP3 music file s under 10MB. The difference is in the compression level. The higher the compression level, the more quality is lost. True audiophile can tell that the quality is not the same and some details are missing. This problem can be solved easy by choosing the lowest compression setting possible. The file can be heavier but it will contain higher bit rate and eventually sound better on the car stereo.

Author Note: When you look at a car, the shinny, cool exterior is what catches your attention first. However, it is the interior that actually matters more because it decides whether the people in the car will have an enjoyable or uncomfortable driving experience. People can spend a great deal of money on the interior to make sure that they can feel like home in their own car: they wish to eat, drink, relax and sleep in their car with comfort. Car interior is the topic that Leroy Simmons – a specialist in car interior – loves to talk about the most. Through his articles, he would love to share his experience and tips about car interior.